Frequently Asked Questions



The steps are as follows:
  • Students are asked to sit a screening test in English, Vietnamese, and Math.
  • Parents pay the tuition fee.
  • Parents complete the enrolment application.

There won’t be any issues, since:
  • Victoria Saigon South is an international bilingual school and remains under the supervision and management of the Department of Education and Training. Because of this, the national curriculum is effectively delivered and learning objectives are met for our students. Our school is recognized by the Ministry of Education and Training, and students' diplomas are equivalent to those from prestigious public schools in Ho Chi Minh City or bilingual schools that follow the national curriculum. As a result, students can seamlessly transfer from Victoria School to a public school and continue their education.
  • Students who study at Victoria South Saigon transition to public schools with strengths in English and excellent skills in research, collaboration and critical thinking, enabling students to cope and adapt to all situations in life.

The school do not administer these exams. Instead, the school will prepare students with the knowledge they need to take part in these exams. The tests for these exams will be administered by Cambridge, sent back to the UK for grading, and the results will be made available on the official Cambridge website.

The English entrance exam helps the school determine the level of the students' English proficiency, arrange classes in accordance with that level, and, most importantly, helps the teachers create lesson plans and teaching strategies appropriate for young learners.
  • The school also offers an after-school English enrichment program that can aid students in honing their language skills. The rate at which students learn English and their ability to keep up will depend on a number of variables, including their propensity for learning foreign languages, the quality of the environment in which they practice it, and—most importantly—how much support and encouragement they receive from their parents. The school believes that with the efforts of the students, the support from parents, and the dedication of the teachers, students will improve after this course. On the school's end, we always choose teachers with high professional qualifications and with a love for their profession.

  • Every teacher must be qualified, hold a bachelor's degree, and have completed pedagogy coursework.
  • From interviewing candidates to reviewing teaching demos, we have a thorough and rigorous selection process.
  • Vietnamese and international education administrators at the school regularly evaluate the performance of the teachers.
  • In line with the education philosophy that Victoria Saigon South is aiming for, "Happy students becoming the best versions of themselves," teachers are regularly trained and take part in training courses with top experts to continuously improve the quality of teaching and foster students' love of learning.
  • A group of Cambridge international program experts regularly conducts training sessions for foreign teachers who teach the Cambridge program. These teachers are seasoned educators from various nations.
  • In addition to having strong teaching credentials, the school's instructors must adhere to the Happy School model's standards and have a genuine love for kids.

  • Students who are transferring from public schools to Victoria South Saigon will be subject to Victoria's standard admissions procedure.
  • For students whose parents are Vietnamese and who are studying abroad, the school will set up an admissions committee to determine whether the student qualifies for our school’s program. The school will then submit the application for the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training to review and approve. The rest will follow the standard admissions procedure.

  • National Curriculum
  • Cambridge International Curriculum
  • Cambridge Global Perspectives
  • Positive Actions Character Education
  • Music, Art, and Sports Education
  • Enterprise Education Experience