Victoria School is proud of its highly qualified teachers. Join the Victoria School community to inspire, educate, and innovate teaching with a passion for assisting students in finding happiness in their studies. All teachers at Victoria School are expected to actively develop their skills while embracing the growth mindset philosophy that the school instills in its students. Teachers at the school frequently have the chance to go to seminars and conferences to learn about the most recent developments in research and pedagogy, with the support of the school administration. Although Victoria School accepts applications all year long, recruitment takes place during the regular cycle (November to April). Please email all application documents in PDF format to if you are interested.




Victoria Life

We are proud to have a team of experienced teachers with a valid teaching license or certification at Victoria South Saigon. We value and respect each individual's contribution to the community. With the desire to create not only HAPPINESS SCHOOL, but also a MULTI-CULTURAL, PROFESSIONAL, AND FRIENDLY working environment for colleagues - the school's forerunner educational partners. Join the Victoria School community in building and nurturing the next generation through active teaching methods, with the mission of educating and training future generations of students to be RESPONSIBLE, CONFIDENT, AND HAPPY. Each person accompanying VICTORIA is a vital piece of the puzzle, ready to continue the journey of creating the future and creating a humane, creative, and safe educational environment for the children.