Starting from the desire to create an internationally- standardized educational environment and build sustainable values for students, Khai Hoan South Saigon Primary, Lower and Upper Secondary school (Victoria School) has developed the school in line with the model of Happy School powered by UNESCO;

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selecting educational programs in accordance with the school's philosophy as well as global educational trends; using active teaching methods towards competence development to help students find joy in learning, confidently explore their interests, passion and being able to orient your future career steadily.

Furthermore, we understand that students' future success starts with the academic happiness they achieve today, so we are committed to providing pur students with the best educational environment with many exciting and inspiring learning experiences so that they are truly happy every day on their journey of knowledge discovery and growth.

Parents shall be assured of choosing to invest in their children's education at Victorial school.

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Welcome to Victoria School! Here, we empower students to become their happiest and most successful selves

At Victoria School, we strive to create a safe, welcoming, and vibrant learning environment that aligns with UNESCO's criteria for a joyful school. Our students are immersed in a cutting-edge, technology-driven learning space that embraces nature and promotes environmental sustainability. The learning community at Victoria actively engages in green practices, pioneers technological advancements, embraces kindness and compassion, and takes responsibility for their actions.

The dedicated team of domestic and international staff, teachers, and personnel at Victoria School are collaborating to build a contemporary education program that adheres to Cambridge standards, customized to meet the needs of each individual. Every educational endeavor, every lesson is crafted to be an inspiring narrative, fostering students' excitement for learning and their happiness in discovering knowledge and embracing life.

We have full confidence in the mission of constructing Victoria School as a place of happiness, and we take great pride in seeing our students mature every day, carrying their Vietnamese heritage while seamlessly blending with the global community.

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Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Anh
Hiệu trưởng Trường Quốc tế Song ngữ Victoria Nam Sài Gòn - VSSS
M.Ed. David Perkin
Head of School