Victoria Saigon South School is an International Bilingual Primary, Lower Secondary, and Upper Secondary School that teaches a program that combines the best of Vietnamese, British, and American education. Victoria School offers a dynamic learning environment, helping students to gain knowledge as well as future success.

Modern teaching methods, progressive education practices, and flexible learning pathways set Victoria Saigon South School apart. Students discover and explore without boundaries and are filled with the inspiration and enjoyment of learning.



Primary School is the first stage in the path to discovering knowledge. Children learn the basics of literacy, numeracy, and basic science concepts. They develop social skills, learn to work in groups, and develop their creativity through art, music, and physical education. Primary school is an important period in a child's development, as it sets the foundation for their future academic and personal success.

Lower Secondary

Lower Secondary students continue to build upon the foundational knowledge they learned in primary school. For Lower Secondary students, this is a time of significant growth and development, academically and personally. Students learn to assert themselves and are more independent in their learning, and take on greater responsibility for their academic success.

Upper Secondary

Upper Secondary School is a critical time in a student's education as it prepares them for the academic, social, and personal challenges they will face in adulthood. It sets the foundation for further education or entry into the workforce. At Victoria South Saigon School, we provide students with the education, skills, and personal qualities needed to compete in the global workforce.