Victoria Saigon South School emphasizes students' physical development through practice and competition in a variety of sports, including football, basketball, athletics, badminton, table tennis, and others, with the aim of providing a balanced and comprehensive education development. The youth sports program has been created to increase student physical activity. Our qualified coaches work with students to engage in physical activity, helping students unwind and stay physically fit.


Each student is a self-sufficient individual with particular skills. When students are developed in a comprehensive educational environment of Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional dimensions, they demonstrate their ability well. As a result, Victoria Saigon South creates a number of club activities for students to discover their passions, advance them, and grow. With more than 20 clubs in a variety of areas, including the arts, sports, science, and leadership,... students have the chance to orient and experience learning content to discover who they are and develop their talents while taking part in club activities. In addition, they also have the opportunity to orient and experience learning content to discover themselves and develop their talents.