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“The true fulfillment of the educational mission lies in the students' happiness.”

At Victoria School, students are consistently placed at the core of all educational endeavors and philosophies. It provides a secure, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment that fosters their unhindered growth, exploration, and realization of their utmost capabilities. Guiding students on this transformative journey is a contemporary curriculum complemented by a devoted faculty, establishing a strong groundwork for them to embrace their true potential.

At Victoria School, students become part of a family where we cultivate essential human values. These include integrity, which forms the foundation for a strong moral compass and well-rounded individuals. We also instill a deep sense of responsibility, encouraging respect for oneself, family, community, and the world around us. Finally, Victoria School fosters a spirit of global citizenship, where students embrace international connections while cherishing their cultural heritage and practicing compassion. Victoria School embraces a love for learning and the spirit of liberal education. We equip generations of students with the tools they need to thrive: excellence, confidence, bravery, and the ability to find happiness even amidst change. Our innovative curriculum is modern and relevant, keeping pace with a rapidly evolving world. A team of dedicated and caring teachers guides students on this journey, supported by modern facilities nestled amidst a verdant landscape that inspires them to become the best versions of themselves. Victoria School students are not just prepared for the future, they view change as an opportunity and a stepping stone for growth. They graduate with the essential knowledge and skills to become well-rounded global citizens, ready to contribute positively to their communities.

The Victoria School team and I share a deep commitment to Happiness Education. It's a privilege to witness our students blossoming each day, carrying their cultural identity, love, and a spirit of sharing wherever life takes them. At Victoria School, we believe happiness is the foundation for a bright future. We nurture this joy in our students, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, and courage to confidently step into the world that awaits.

Welcome to Victoria School! Here, we empower students to become their happiest and most successful selves.

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Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Anh
Hiệu trưởng Trường Quốc tế Song ngữ Victoria Nam Sài Gòn - VSSS
M.Ed. David Perkin
Head of School

Welcome to

Victoria Saigon South School

Starting from the desire to create an internationally- standardized educational environment and build sustainable values for students, Khai Hoan South Saigon Primary, Lower and Upper Secondary school (Victoria School) has developed the school in line with the model of Happy School powered by UNESCO; selecting educational programs in accordance with the school's philosophy as well as global educational trends; using active teaching methods towards competence development to help students find joy in learning, confidently explore their interests, passion and being able to orient your future career steadily

Furthermore, we understand that students' future success starts with the academic happiness they achieve today, so we are committed to providing pur students with the best educational environment with many exciting and inspiring learning experiences so that they are truly happy every day on their journey of knowledge discovery and growth.

Parents shall be assured of choosing to invest in their children's education at Victorial school.

Campus of International Bilingual Victoria Saigon South School
Initiated by UNESCO, the "Happy Schools" project focuses on improving the school experience by promoting happiness, well-being and the holistic development of the school community including students, teachers, staff, school leaders and parents.
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    Seamless Journey
    With a seamless path from Primary to High School, students have the opportunity to acquire knowledge and be recognized for their academic performance in both the National and International Cambridge program. Student at Victoria Saigon South School will be well prepared to for the challenge of the international certification exams.
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    Creating a happy young generation
    Creating a happy young generation With the motto "Student-centered", the school respects the unique personality and natural pace of development of students. Based on interaction with the environment, through learning with visual aids, students actively acquire multi-disciplinary knowledge and increase their happiness in learning.
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    Smart educational app
    The intelligent educational model helps students discover knowledge and develop thinking through personalized teaching programs that are suitable for each student's personality and ability. The application of the intelligent education platform 4.0 helps to maximize the potential of students and enhance the training of necessary soft skills.
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    Real learning - Real experience
    With a network of diverse business partners in various fields of industry, students at Victoria South Saigon can experience and apply the knowledge they have learned, helping them to have a closer look at reality and preparing them for a successful future.
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    Green space
    Victoria School is designed in a modern style, in harmony with nature. The campus is arranged with many green areas to optimize the learning experience and create a fresh, positive atmosphere, stimulating creative thinking of students.




100 %

Cambridge-trained teachers


> 50%

Program taught in English




Clubs such as: Arts, sports, science, and student leadership.


100 %

Learning technology application and practical experience





Grades 1 - 5


  • National Curriculum
  • Cambridge Primary Curriculum
  • Cambridge Global Perspectives
  • Character Education in Positive Action
  • Music, Art, and Sports Education
  • Enterprise Education Experience

Lower Secondary

Grades 6 - 9


  • National Curriculum
  • Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum (Grade 6 – 8)
  • The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education (Grade 9)
  • Cambridge Global Perspectives
  • Character Education in Positive Action
  • Music, Art and Sports Education
  • Enterprise Education Experience (Grade 6-8)
  • Career Guidance Program and Enterprise Education Experience (Grade 9)

Upper Secondary

Grades 10 - 12


  • National Curriculum
  • The Cambridge International General Certificate of Secondary Education
  • Cambridge Global Perspectives and Research AS and A-level
  • IELTS Preparation
  • Character Education in Positive Action
  • Physical Education
  • Career Guidance Program and Enterprise Internship Project


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